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Feb. 12, 2019

Tool check: Is it time for a new fiberglass blowing wool hose?

By Tom Calzavara, Johns Manville Field Technical Leader

Our JM TechConnect team frequently receives inquiries related to hoses – a critical component of install equipment. Hoses are constantly moving, and subsequently, easily susceptible to wear and tear. Did you know that replacing your blow hose at least twice a year or after 150 hours of use can save thousands of dollars?

If the interior of a blow hose is worn smooth, or if an air leak exists, field studies regularly document that you can lose 10 to 20 percent of the expected product coverage.

Hoses are an essential component in the installation of fiberglass blow-in insulation. The ridges inside the hose tubes are designed to fully open up the fiberglass, creating the appropriate loft for entry into the wall cavity. After two to three months of weekly usage, the fiberglass insulation can sand-down the ridges inside the plastic tube rounding out the sharp edges in one direction. If this happens, and it can be tested by feeling the interior of the hose, flip the tube and use it in the opposite direction, extending the lifecycle for another few months. After four to six months of continued use, the hose should be replaced.

For example, here’s how a worn hose might increase costs based on the Lowe’s online sale price of JM Attic Protector® Formaldehyde-free™ premium blow-in fiberglass insulation ($39.51):

1.       A 2,000 sq. ft. attic installation job insulated to R-49 requires 53 bags (based on max average coverage) of product. A worn hose can result in lost coverage of 10 percent, requiring five additional bags of JM Attic Protector® to reach the required 18.9-inch installed thickness. Five additional bags mean an additional cost of $197.55 in material to reach the required thickness (5 additional bags X $39.51 = $197.55).

2.      The cost of 150 feet of 4-inch hose is about $600. Breaking this down further, this equates to three attic installations that require five bags of additional product ($197.55 x 5 = $592.65).

Don’t hose yourself!  Buy a new hose every six months and flip them around every three. 

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Feb. 12, 2019

JM SmartBinder

The JM SmartBinder online platform and mobile app is a comprehensive database of materials designed to meet building insulation needs and questions. Visit for easy access to these technical documents. Specific benefits of JM SmartBinder include:

  • JM SmartBinder allows access to Data Sheets, Safety Data Sheets and Technical Documents for JM insulation products.

  • SmartBinder has Download and Favorites folders that will store selected documents for future reference.

  • The building insulation documents are in two categories, U.S. and Canada.

  • Documents are broken out by Building Insulation product line.

Access all of the excellent features JM SmartBinder has to offer at  

Oct. 18, 2018

Introducing JM Connexus

Did you know that Johns Manville has a customer portal? The JM Connexus Portal offers customers 24-7 online access to important information about JM customer accounts.

  • View Announcements to keep up with the latest news and messages from JM

  • Check Order Status and print confirmations, acknowledgements and ship notices

  • Look up Invoices and print a copy

  • View Case (complaint) summary information

  • Access Purchase History reports

Customers can assign access and permissions for their employee teams. Please contact your Account Manager or Territory Sales Manager for additional information or to sign up.