Did You Know?

Oct. 30, 2018

JM.com Has Evolved and It's Better Than Ever

Johns Manville has taken a detailed dive into the data and listened to customer feedback to determine what information is the most critical for your needs, and we redesigned our website to make sure that information is easier to access than ever before.

The new JM.com has improved functionality and an improved user experience. Here’s what you can expect to find on the latest evolution of JM.com:

  • Product filter on each page to isolate products by property (thermal, sound control, etc.), construction type or application area

  • Shortcut links to data sheets and safety data sheets for fast, easy access

  • In-page product callouts so you can access and compare full product portfolios on a single page

  • More robust product information including a product overview, specification info, resources and applicable videos

  • Document library specific to each product category

  • Left-hand navigation bar to give you immediate access to product categories and other information like technical resources

  • Completely revamped homeowner section with increased usability

  • Mobile-first design for functionality on all mobile devices

There is more to see and experience on JM.com, and we’re excited to be able to improve our website to better meet your needs.