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May. 20, 2019

Support for Substitution Requests

By Taryn Adams, Johns Manville Sr. Marketing Manager

Substitution requests are prevalent and can help you win a job or improve performance on a job you’ve already won. Johns Manville’s solid understanding of the substitution request process can increase the likelihood of the replacement product(s) being accepted, as well as future business for you. We’re here to help and make your job easier.

The best time in the project lifecycle to submit a substitution request is during the bid phase, but it's also possible to submit a substitution request during construction. The request is more likely to be accepted if you can demonstrate an issue or benefit to the project such as:

  • Material unavailability

  • Excessive lead times

  • Change in code requirements

  • Shorter construction schedule

  • Lower overall cost, including maintenance

  • Improved quality and/or performance

  • Better warranty or manufacturer reputation

Ultimately, the requested product(s) must be equal or superior to the specified product(s) and should not adversely impact the project cost or schedule. With every successful substitution request, you build a stronger reputation because it demonstrates that you can add value to projects.

Jeff Job, senior specifier services representative, leads the specification efforts for JM’s Building Insulation team. He is available to identify the correct products for any project and will submit substitution requests on your behalf. Reach out directly at 303-978-2434, Jeff.Job@jm.com or submit your request online here.

Feb. 12, 2019

Johns Manville hosts America’s Best Installer Competition for the 16th year

By Danelle DeGroodt, Johns Manville Sr. National Accounts Manager

On Saturday, Oct. 20 at the Exdo Events Center in Denver, Colo., Jose Hernandez, an insulation professional from Elkridge, Md., was awarded the title of “America’s Best Insulation Installer” for the third time, becoming the first installer in the competition’s history to achieve this honor.

Hernandez competed against 35 other professionals from across the country for the title and $10,000 first-place prize in the fast-paced competition which is judged on quality and speed. Hernandez won the competition back-to-back years in 2014 and 2015, becoming the first competitor to win the competition more than once. He is employed with Cameron Group LCC.

The competition was created in 2003 by Johns Manville and Insulate America, the nation’s largest independent insulation contractor organization. The competition recognizes local competitors and highlights the positive impact that properly-installed insulation can have on a home.

Best Installer.jpg

The competition consists of three stages structured to test the installer’s workmanship and the final outcome of their installation. Competitors were assigned with the task of installing Johns Manville batts into the mock home structure and were then judged upon quality, speed and the amount of product used versus recycled. Hernandez outperformed the other competitors during the final stage, which involved two identical wooden mock home structures, with construction challenges including electrical outlets, pipes and a vaulted ceiling.

“We’re pleased to honor Hernandez for the third time for his superior performance this year and we applaud our talented group of competitors for another solid year of competition,” said Bob Wamboldt, president of Insulation Systems at Johns Manville. “We’re proud of our continued partnership with Insulate America, and we look forward to celebrating and recognizing insulation installers for their dedication to the industry for years to come.”

The competition also awarded the first-, second-, third- and fourth-runners up. Pete Middleton of Turner Insulation in Sterling Heights, Minn. was awarded a $5,000 prize as first runner-up, Stan Tatara of Henges Interiors in Earth City, Mo. was recognized as second-runner up and won a $3,500 prize, Jesus Cruz of Millers Insulation in Albuquerque, N.M. won a $2,500 prize as fourth runner-up and fifth runner-up Luiz Perez of Arkansas Insulation (A G5 Company) in Nixa, Mo. was awarded a $2,500 prize.

This was one of the best years the competition has seen and we are looking forward to an even more successful event in 2019. The 2019 Best Installer Competition will take place in Denver, Colo. next October.

Feb. 12, 2019

The Wonder Woman of Insulation Installation

Originally posted on Walls & Ceilings Magazine

Pamela Toledo does it all. In addition to juggling five kids between the ages of five and 14, she and her husband, Roberto, own and operate Nova Insulation, an insulation contractor based in Houston.

Toledo and her husband founded Nova Insulation in 2003 with the goal of creating more personal relationships with builders in the Houston-area, matched with a commitment to providing fair and reliable service. Nova Insulation further expanded its footprint following Hurricane Katrina, recognizing an opportunity to help rebuild the community. And their efforts have paid off—Nova Insulation has tripled its revenue after 15 years in business.

“We quickly realized that not only were we able to offer faster and more reliable service, we were building loyalty throughout the area and truly engraining ourselves into the Houston community,” says Toledo.

A Company That Works

Nova Insulation specializes in insulation (fiberglass, mineral wool and spray foam) installation: fireplace installation and poly seal for single family homes, multi-family homes and commercial projects. Nova partners with Johns Manville for all of their insulation needs, Hearth & Home for fireplaces and Tytan for sealants.

One current project that stands out for Toledo is a new apartment complex by Eagle Point Builders in Mont Belvieu, Texas. Nova is providing Johns Manville batt insulation for the 8,000 square-foot structure and installing blown rock wool in between floors.

Toledo’s commitment to first-rate service means that she’s ingrained in every aspect of the business—she handles everything including human resources, receptionist duties, invoicing, scheduling jobs, training, sales and marketing. She enjoys the fast-paced environment and opportunity to build relationships throughout her community, plus, being bilingual gives her an advantage in connecting with industry peers. The strong relationships with her customers and respect from employees enable Nova Insulation to offer next-day service in most circumstances.

Toledo adds, “I pride myself on being flexible, often bending over backward to fulfill a customer need, even if it’s outside our usual scope of work.”

Commitment to Health and Safety

With a background in nursing studies, Toledo is committed to ensuring that employees are properly trained and are utilizing the latest safety practices and equipment. Her spray foam team is certified by Johns Manville TechConnect. The training provides skills that not only protect installers from risks on the job but ensure that JM products are installed properly and yield the maximum coverage.

A strong understanding of how insulation can impact indoor air quality and overall home comfort allows Toledo to provide smart direction to customers on what products or services will work best within their space.

Employee Commitment

Employees are the backbone of Nova Insulation and Toledo has implemented many practices that promote longevity. She continually looks for opportunities to balance workloads between the crews to keep it fair, pays extra when jobs are difficult, offers yearly bonuses and some paid holidays, created an employee loyalty program that awards employees, and last but not least, wraps up each week with “Fajita Friday.”

She aims to keep her team at a sustainable size to account for any work fluctuation, enabling her to keep everyone on staff during slower time periods, and while Nova Insulation has experienced ups and downs due to various labor challenges and changing builder budgets, Toledo is committed to serving customers with the same fairness and respect with which she started the company.

Nova Insulation is always on the lookout for ways to actively give back to the community. During Hurricane Harvey, Toledo offered free installations for elderly homes that flooded, cleaned out debris from impacted buildings and gave free insulation to employees and customers for their personal homes. Outside of the office, Toledo actively gives back to the American Red Cross and donates her time to her children’s schools.

“At Nova Insulation, we pride ourselves on bringing quality service to the industry beyond the balance sheet,” says Toledo. “We go above and beyond to fulfill customer needs, even at times where it doesn’t yield a profit, because we know that long-term relationships and honesty always win business in the long-term.”

Toledo’s long-term goal is to expand and open additional branches in other Texas markets, like San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. She hopes this will enable her to continue building a business that allows for growth from within.

Oct. 30, 2018

JM.com Has Evolved and It's Better Than Ever

Johns Manville has taken a detailed dive into the data and listened to customer feedback to determine what information is the most critical for your needs, and we redesigned our website to make sure that information is easier to access than ever before.

The new JM.com has improved functionality and an improved user experience. Here’s what you can expect to find on the latest evolution of JM.com:

  • Product filter on each page to isolate products by property (thermal, sound control, etc.), construction type or application area

  • Shortcut links to data sheets and safety data sheets for fast, easy access

  • In-page product callouts so you can access and compare full product portfolios on a single page

  • More robust product information including a product overview, specification info, resources and applicable videos

  • Document library specific to each product category

  • Left-hand navigation bar to give you immediate access to product categories and other information like technical resources

  • Completely revamped homeowner section with increased usability

  • Mobile-first design for functionality on all mobile devices

There is more to see and experience on JM.com, and we’re excited to be able to improve our website to better meet your needs.